What Are Panic and Anxiety Attacks Really Doing to My Body?

If you felt that panic and anxiety attacks can only hurt you psychologically or emotionally, think again. If you have experienced panic and anxiety attacks, you will realize how much a panic attack or an anxiety attack affects your body. There are severe manifestations of such attacks and even if you do not feel jolted physically, be sure, that an attack will leave its mark.


Each of the anxiety symptoms that you feel, each of the symptoms of an anxiety attack, has an effect on your body. Your body may feel fine after your first attack, but with each subsequent panic attack, you will realize the toll that the attack took on your body.


The smothering sensations and breathlessness occurs because your respiratory system slips temporary out of your control, as breathing takes a back seat momentarily. Your muscles become tensed, because of which they release lactates. These cause breakdown of tissue in the body and a slowing down of your blood circulation.


As the circulation begins to slow down, the amount of oxygen available to your organs decreases even further, to a point where your body begins to crave for oxygen and you begin to hyperventilate. The sudden rush of blood and oxygen can stun your senses for a few minutes, while you gather yourself.


Meanwhile, the muscle atrophy continues and you may feel yourself quivering and trying to regain your balance. The fluctuations in the amount of blood and oxygen available to the brain can cause a sharp change in the amount of chemicals and hormones being released in the body.


In simple words, pandemonium sets in your body and continues every time you experience another such attack.



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