Panic Attacks – Self Help Tips For Overcoming Panic And Anxiety Attacks

There are many factors at work that triggers anxiety- resulting in an attack. And it seems that each and every time you try to eliminate some of these factors you only end up aggravating and feeding panic. Luckily there are some panic attacks self-help tips that can help you overcome anxiety.

Start off by identifying the triggering factors:

It will not be possible try and find out these factors immediately during an attack but you can do it once you’ve started to calm down and your symptoms have started to wear off. Try and list them out if you can.

1. What exactly happened that might have caused the attack?

2. Why do you think it happened?

3. Did someone say or did anything to hurt you?

4. Was the attack triggered by the surroundings that you were in?

5. What were your exact feelings at the time?

6. When did the attack occur?

7. What were you doing at the time?

8. Were you alone when the attack occurred?

These are just a few of the questions you will have to answer to help you identify the triggers that caused your anxiety and panic attack. This is the starting point in helping you understand why anxiety is affecting your life and it will be your starting point for dealing with your next panic attack. What you experience during an attack – is your brain’s response to what your unconscious mind tells it. That you are in grave danger and so the “fight or flight” response is then initiated but you are not going to die, even though it may feel like it.

Face Your Fear

Many people that suffer with anxiety are scared that they might die during an attack. Panic Attacks are not life threatening. Try and accept this fact – nothing will harm you during an attack. Your attack is triggered by your thoughts therefore your must begin to change your thoughts before you can start dealing with your feelings. Eliminate negative thoughts. Stay away from thoughts of dying, heart attacks or other terminal illnesses.

Don’t let panic overtake you – because only when you understand it then you will being to understand what is really happening to you.

Get More Help

You will need to arm yourself with information and specialised self-help techniques to help you overcome panic attacks. You will not be able to do it by yourself nor should you ignore the signs of anxiety. I can appreciate that you want to overcome anxiety using free information and free methods but when things are their worst – you will require expert help to get you through it as quickly and as painless as possible.

I’ll show you how to instantly relieve and prevent panic attacks by using natural anxiety cures. These are the self help methods that I used to stop panic attacks as they approached, and then trained my mind to get over the fears that were causing these attacks. Just go to Overcome Panic Attacks and learn more.

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