Panic and Anxiety Attacks – Can You Stop Them Forever?

Is it possible to stop panic and anxiety attacks forever? Is it possible to keep your mind under control?


It depends. Most people who experience panic and anxiety attacks can lead perfectly normal lives. In fact, research shows that certain treatments can reduce or prevent the attacks in seventy percent to ninety percent of sufferers. But it varies case by case, and what works for one person may not work for you. However, that shouldn’t stop you from seeking help.


When you seek professional help for panic and anxiety attacks, you work closely with your doctor or therapist. It’s a relationship that won’t work unless both of you work together. The goal is to figure out what’s at the root of your problem, and then find the best way to treat it. You may feel extremely better after just one session. Or if you’re put on medication, it may work immediately. But for other people, the treatment effects may take longer to materialize. Don’t get discouraged. Also remember that if you do decide to try the self help route, which is successful for many people, always make sure that you are diagnosed by your doctor first, and confirmation is given that it is indeed panic and anxiety attacks that you are suffering.


If you’re not ready to seek professional help, you may want to take small steps towards the self help goal. You can do this by researching self help techniques. Activities such as meditation and yoga teach you to calm your mind, and control your breathing. Self-help groups also help people by providing support groups and emotional help. However, if your case is extreme, self-help may not be the best first step. In any case, it wouldn’t hurt you to consider all your options. A little research into panic and anxiety attacks can help you decide the best course of action. There are many books and videos that will help with your research. You can also visit any local support groups in your area.


With determination, and the support of family and friends, you’ll be well on your way to living a life free of panic and anxiety attacks.


It’s worth taking the time out to be checked by your doctor and to pursue some research on the topic, as they say, knowledge is power.



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