Is There an Easy Panic and Anxiety Attack Treatment? Is Panic Controlling Your Life?

What are panic and anxiety attacks, and is there an easy panic and anxiety attack treatment? I know that is a question that is asked all the time, by a desperate anxiety sufferer.


Anxiety attacks seem a bit complicated to a lot of people, because they can cause so many things to happen in your body all at once, like fear and panic, that can lead to agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder.


But the reality of panic attacks are, that they are not harmful to you at all. Maybe you have heard that before, and are having trouble believing it, but it is the plain truth.


Would you believe that you live in constant fear of being in constant fear?


That’s right. The only thing that you are truly afraid of, is that you will be minding your own business, and all of the sudden, you will become scared.


This is very common for most anxiety sufferers, because anxiety disorders cause this type of behavior over time. The fear of another attack leads you to become anti-social as you search for a panic and anxiety attack treatment that works for you.


Meanwhile, the fear that you have is controlling every single thing that you do, because you have become convinced that if you do something that caused an attack one time, that it will cause an attack if you do that activity again.


Think about it for a second.


If you are feeling perfect one day, and you have no symptoms or anxious thoughts and all of the sudden, you have the overwhelming feeling that something really bad is going to happen, what happens next?


You go into a full-blown panic attack and you do whatever you can do to get out of it alive! When you make it past the attack alive and well, you make a mental note of what you were doing just as the attack happened.


Maybe you don’t even do this on a conscious level, but you definitely are doing it. The next time that you are doing that same activity, guess what is going to happen? That’s right, it’s panic attack time for you!


Your mind remembers that the last time you were doing that activity you had an attack. You start to think about it calmly for a second, but that soon turns to more anxious thoughts so common in people with panic disorders.


Before you know it, you are panicked and having a horrible time making it through yet another really bad panic attack that you don’t think you will live through. Do you see what happened?


Fear of panic actually caused your panic attack while you were doing a certain activity. This happened because it happened the last time you did that activity, and nothing more.


You caused your own panic attack!


If you are finding yourself having a lot of anxiety attacks, there is a really simple way you can get them to stop. This is just a simple method that many people use that can slow your bodily processes down in the middle of an attack, and it really does work.


Give your face a cold water bath:


This method has to work, because it has been engineered by your own body to work for a very specific purpose, so no anxiety can beat it.


When you splash your face with cold water, a part of your brain called the vagus nerve. When this nerve is stimulated, your body thinks that it is going to be in cold water, and so it prepares the only way that it knows how.


By slowing down your heart rate and breathing, your body will conserve oxygen in order to deal with what it thinks is happening by the stimulation of the cold water. If your body is slowing down your breathing, you cannot hyperventilate, so your anxiety has to come down. It does not have a choice!


This method not only works, but it is really easy to do. You just need your face, and some cold water and you have all the ingredients that you need if you suddenly become over-anxious and need to calm down very fast.


Anxiety and panic attack treatment:


That is an easy way to get your panic attacks to stop while you are having them, but what about controlling the anxiety that is causing all of the attacks in the first place? Is there a true easy treatment for panic and anxiety attacks?


I suppose it would all depend on what your definition of “easy” is. For many people with an anxiety disorder there is a treatment called cognitive behavioral therapy that is really successful in treating anxiety. It is easy for those who understand it, and difficult for those who do not.


The idea of CBT is that once you change the way that your mind processes thoughts, you will start to see things in your life differently. Once you see things differently, you can stop becoming anxious for small, unnecessary reasons because you no longer obsess about a simple thought, which produces anxiety and panic for you now.


The truth is, it really is the easiest method to treat anxiety and panic, because it is highly effective and does not require you to learn any complicated processes or information. Once you change your thought patterns, the anxiety is much more likely to stop and never return, and that will make your entire life very much easier than it is right now, won’t it.


Isn’t medication easy?


If you are taking any medication for your condition currently, you know that is not easy at all, don’t you? You have to carry those little pills around with you everywhere you go, just in case you get scared while you are out in public. Not only do the pills not work as well for you as they previously did, but now you are addicted to them, and many, many people can tell you from experience that getting off of those medications is the furthest thing from easy you may ever have to do.


The good thing though, is that once you have the anxiety under control, you can work with your doctor to stop taking the pills and it is much easier than you would ever believe. You just need to face that problem without any anxious thoughts, and you will be just fine.


Everybody these days is looking for an easy fix for everything that ails them. Sometimes in life, there is no one sure way to get from point A to point B without doing a bit of work, but I’ll tell you what. If you want to stop anxiety and panic attacks for good, putting a little bit of work will be well worth your time in order to live a life free of anxiety and panic.


Learning how to change the way you think about situations is easy, period! Having constant panic attacks is hard, as you already know because you have them all of the time.


There is an easy panic and anxiety attack treatment, but it is not an instant fix that will change your life. It is easy to learn, implement and use to your advantage, but it does not come in a pill, potion or any other kind of quick fix.


Having anxiety is a constant effort for you and your mind that you have to think about all day, everyday. If there was a quick fix, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. But if you take charge of your own life, and stop letting anxiety control your every move, you will truly see that treating it is very easy, in comparison to dealing with it.



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