Avoiding Certain Foods Could Help Reduce the Levels and Intensity of a Panic or Anxiety Attack

Can you prevent panic attacks (otherwise referred to as anxiety attacks) by avoiding certain foods? Well there is clear, proven link between some food and drink and conditions like ADHD and depression. The obvious ones are those containing caffeine like tea and coffee along with food and drink designed as a stimulant such as some energy drinks, and those with artificial colourings.

The main ingredient of sweeteners, aspartame can have side effects that can be more keenly felt if you have either had a panic attack or are more naturally nervous and whilst these won’t affect everyone, they may be a contributory factor in your own case. Aspartame is also found in many pre-packaged foods as well so it’s always best to check the ingredients tab on anything you buy if you are trying to avoid this particular additive.

Diet plays such a major part in our lives and much of the information available is contradictory. Take the issue of aspartame; if you are trying to lose weight, cutting out sugar is one of the first things you would try to do, but sugar substitutes are the way most of us try and cut back but this ingredient is known to be a factor in some cases. There are sweeteners on the market which don’t use aspartame so, as mentioned above, you should always check the contents before purchase.

If you are prone to anxiety attacks and you drink it can make things worse when you wake up the next day. Yes alcohol can induce feelings you’d rather not have but they are usually a consequence of overdoing things, however, if you are feeling low these feelings will be multiplied. Alcohol in moderation is fine but especially once you’ve had an attack, you could find that drinking will make you more open to a recurrence and it’s best avoided if possible.

If you find a link between consuming certain foods and panic attack incidents, try avoiding them for a while and monitor the effect. Whilst avoiding some foods will not cure the problem on its own, it will certainly help with the overall picture.

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