Learn How To Stop Panic and Anxiety Attacks Healthily

Stop Panic and Anxiety Attacks

What are panic and anxiety attacks, and are there any easy and effective treatments? This is a question that is asked all the time, throughout the time, by any desperate panic and anxiety sufferer. Panic and anxiety attacks might seem complicated to some people, because they can cause many things to happen in the body all at once, like fear and fright that can lead to social anxiety disorder. But the reality of panic and anxiety attacks are, that they are not harmful at all! You might have heard that before in the past from elsewhere, and are doubtful about it, but this is just the plain truth.

Are you living in a constant fear of being in a constant fear?

The only one thing that you are afraid of, is that you are minding your own business and you will become scared all of a sudden. This is a common symptom for most panic and anxiety sufferers, because panic and anxiety disorders create this type of behaviour over time. The fear of another attack causes you to become anti-social as you search for a panic and anxiety attack solutions. The fear that you have with yourself is that you are controlling everything that you do, because you have become certain that if you do something that caused an attack one time, it will cause an attack another time if you do that activity again. If you are feeling fine on a certain day with no symptoms of any panic or anxious thoughts and all of a sudden, you have the uncontrollable feeling that something bad is going to happen, what happens next? You go into a panic attack mode and you do whatever you can do to get out of it! When you have successfully conquered and suppress the attack alive and well, you make a mental note of what you had done just as the attack happened. Perhaps you don’t even realised doing this consciously, but you certainly are doing it, and the next time that you are doing that same activity again you will get that panic attack again. Your conscious mind remembers that the last time you done this activity you had an attack. You start to think calmly but soon this will turn to more anxious thoughts, and this is so common in people with panic disorders. Before you know it, you are panicked and having terrible time making it through, and you don’t think you will live it through this time. Do you realise what happened? Fear of panic and anxiety actually caused your panic attack while you were carrying out a certain task. This happened because it remembers in your memory the last activity you did that causes this attack. You caused your own panic attack! If you are finding yourself having a lot of panic anxiety attacks, there are some simple ways you can apply to relive them. This is just some simple method that most people use that can slow down your bodily processes in the middle of an attack.

1. Give your face and body a cold water bath: This method has proven to work*, it is engineered by your body to work for a very specific reason, and so no panic and anxiety can beat it. *Results varies according to each individual efforts. When you splash your face with cold water, a part of your brain nerve is stimulated, your body thinks that it is going to be cold, and so it prepares to encounter it. By slowing down your breathing and heart rate, your body will conserve oxygen in order to deal with the stimulation by the cold water. If your body is slowing down your breathing and heart rate, you cannot become overexcited, so your anxiety feeling has to come down. This method works effectively and it is easy to do so. You just need some cold water and you can apply them if you suddenly become over-anxious and need to calm down fast.

2. Panic and Anxiety attacks treatment: That is an easy way to relive your panic attacks but what about controlling the panic anxiety that causes the attacks in the first place? Are there some easy and effective methods for treatment? For many people with any panic and anxiety disorder there is a treatment called cognitive behavioural therapy that is proven successful in treating anxiety. It is easy for those who understand it. The idea of CBT is that once you change the way you think, you will start to see things differently. Once you see things differently, you can relive panic and anxious for small, unnecessary reasons because you no longer obsess about it in your mind, which produces anxiety and panic. It really is the easiest method to treat anxiety and panic feeling because it is highly effective*. It does not require you to learn any processes or gain any information. Once you change your thought patterns, the anxiety is much more likely to confine, and that will change your entire life very much easier. *Results varies according to each individual efforts.

3. Is medication effective and easy? If you are taking any medication for your current condition, you know that is not easy at all. You have to carry pills around with you everywhere you go. Those pills might not work as well for you and you are also addicted to them. The good thing about this is that once you have the anxiety under control, you can decide taking the pills at the advice of your doctor. You just need to face your problem without any anxious thinking. There are some easy and effective panic and anxiety attack treatments, but it will not change your life as it is not an instant fix. It is easy to learn and easy to implement and use to your advantage, but there is no quick fix, if there are a quick fix, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. But if you decided to take charge of your own life, and decided not letting panic and anxiety taking control over you, you will see that treating it is very easy. Changing your thought patterns is the only way to cure these panic and anxiety problems in the long-term, so that you can take charge of your life without any fear that it will cause further attacks.